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6 Fun Gifts for Campers

Nov 14, 11 6 Fun Gifts for Campers

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My family and I camp several times a year, and we love it. Being outdoors and away from the pressures of everyday life creates an amazing bonding experience with our family. We love getting out our cool camping gear and hitting the road.   Fun and Functional Gifts for Campers Coleman Packaway Kitchen One of the most challenging...

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6 Must Have Gifts for Birders

Nov 03, 11 6 Must Have Gifts for Birders

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Birding is a fascinating hobby. Watching birds and finding ones you haven’t seen before is a birders passion. I remember my parents dragging me along on birding expeditions when I was younger, but now I find myself turning into a birding hobbyist myself. They are just so interesting, I can’t help myself! 6 Great Birding...

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6 Gifts that New Hikers Need

Oct 03, 11 6 Gifts that New Hikers Need

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Hiking is one of my favorite sports. It doesn’t require a ton of coordination and it is something that nearly anyone can do. Of course getting outside in nature and moving around is good for the body as well as the mind. This makes hiking a whole lot of fun, and of course the gear is pretty cool too. Interesting Gifts for...

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5 Great Gifts for Hikers

Aug 30, 11 5 Great Gifts for Hikers

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Try these can’t miss gift ideas for the avid hiker in your life! 1) New Headlamp Thanks to rapidly-advancing LED technology, headlamps have been improving by leaps and bounds in the past few years. So even if he/she already has a headlamp, a new one is likely to be half the weight while burning brighter for twice as long. The...

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